Locality list - alphabetical, letter m

The following Tasmanian coastal localities are represented by mollusc records in the database underpinning these web-pages (note that offshore localities are excluded):

Maatsuyker Island

Macquarie Harbour – Kelly Basin

Macquarie Harbour – Sarah Island

Macquarie Harbour (unlocalised)

Margate – Dru Point & Nierinna Creek mouth

Margate foreshore

Maria Island – Bloodstone Beach

Maria Island – Bloodstone Point

Maria Island – Booming Bay

Maria Island – Chinamans Bay

Maria Island – Chinamans Creek

Maria Island – Coxswain Creek – foreshore

Maria Island – Darlington Bay

Maria Island – Encampment Cove

Maria Island – Fossil Cliffs

Maria Island – Four Mile Beach

Maria Island – Gulls Nest Point

Maria Island – Hopground Beach

Maria Island – Howells Point & Painted Cliffs

Maria Island – Magistrates Point

Maria Island – Oyster Bay

Maria Island – Point Lesueur

Maria Island – Return Point

Maria Island – Riedlé Bay – McRaes Isthmus

Maria Island – Riedlé Bay (unlocalised)

Maria Island – Shoal Bay – McRaes Isthmus

Maria Island – Soldiers Beach

Maria Island – Trigonia Corner

Maria Island (unlocalised)

Marion Bay – Bream Creek foreshore

Marion Bay – northern beaches

Marion Bay – Pine Creek Beach

Marion Bay – Walsh’s Beach

Marion Bay (unlocalised)

Marrawah – Green Point Beach

Marrawah – Green Point

Marrawah – Mawson Bay – northern end

Marrawah – West Point

Marrawah (unlocalised)

Mayfield Beach to Mayfield Point

Mayfield Point to Little Christmas Island

Melaleuca Inlet

Mercury Passage – ACMA Asterias survey Stn 01

Mercury Passage – ACMA Asterias survey Stn 02

Mercury Passage – ACMA Asterias survey Stn 03

Mercury Passage – ACMA Asterias survey Stn 04

Mercury Passage – ACMA Asterias survey Stn 05

Mercury Passage – ACMA Asterias survey Stn 06

Mercury Passage – ACMA Asterias survey Stn 07

Mercury Passage – ACMA Asterias survey Stn 08

Mercury Passage – ACMA Asterias survey Stn 09

Mercury Passage – Darlington Bay

Mercury Passage (unlocalised)

Middleton – foreshore

Midway Point – Penna Beach

Midway Point (unlocalised)

Monk Bay

Montagu – beach

Montagu River – mouth

Montague Bay

Mortimer Bay – Gorringes Beach

Mortimer Bay (unlocalised)

Moulting Lagoon – Pelican Bay

Moulting Lagoon – Swan River mouth

Mount Chappell Island

Murdunna – Duck Creek Beach

Murdunna – foreshore

Murdunna – Sommers Beach

Murphys Flat

Musselroe – Cape Naturaliste

Musselroe Point


Information and disclaimer: The web-pages on this web-site are generated from an underlying database. These can be cited as Grove, S.J. (2015). A Guide to the Seashells and other Marine Molluscs of Tasmania web-site and database respectively. Whilst great care is taken to accurately identify specimens featured on this web-site and to allocate all records to the most appropriate taxonomic names available, no guarantee is offered that all identifications are accurate, nor that the taxa to which they have been allocated are currently valid. Commentaries on habitat, distribution and biology are also subject to change as new information comes to light. If you have any enquiries, or any comments that will help improve the content or appearance of these pages, then please follow the links from 'contact' on the left-hand panel.

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