Chiton glaucus - locality listing

If there are coastal locality records for this species in the database underlying these web-pages, these localities are listed below in clockwise order (starting from King Island). Note that some doubtful records, and any records from offshore localities, have been excluded. The main sources are the personal collections and records of Simon Grove, Rob de Little and Margaret Richmond; the accession records of the Tasmanian and Queen Victoria Museums; and selected records from a range of other institutions, primarily via the Atlas of Living Australia (last download November 2014).

Orford – Luther Point

Orford – Spring Beach

Eaglehawk Neck – eastern side

Port Arthur – Carnarvon Bay

Port Arthur (unlocalised)

Port Arthur – Safety Cove

Lime Bay – Black Rock beach

Murdunna – Sommers Beach

Primrose Sands

Primrose Beach to Carlton Bluff

Carlton – Park Beach

Dodges Ferry – Red Ochre Beach

Carlton Beach – Spectacle Island

Pitt Water (unlocalised)

Midway Point (unlocalised)

Lauderdale – Seven Mile Beach

Lauderdale – Roches Beach

Lauderdale – Bambra Reef

South Arm – Hope Beach – southern end

Opossum Bay – The Spit & Shelly Beach

South Arm – Pigeon Holes

South Arm – Fort Beach

South Arm Beach

Ralphs Bay (unlocalised)

Bellerive – Kangaroo Bluff

Bellerive Beach

Hobart (unlocalised)

Hobart – Sandy Bay – Long Beach to Blinking Billy Point

Taroona – Dixons Beach

Taroona Beach

Taroona – Alum Cliffs

Kingston Beach

Blackmans Bay

Tinderbox – Bellendena – foreshore

Tinderbox – Fishermans Haul

Tinderbox – Fossil Cove

Tinderbox Beach

Howden – foreshore

Margate – Dru Point & Nierinna Creek mouth

Snug Beach

Electrona – Peggys Beach

Coningham – foreshore

Coningham Beach

Kettering – Oyster Cove

Kettering foreshore

Kettering – Trial Bay

Woodbridge – Birchs Bay & Yellow Point

Woodbridge – foreshore & Birchs Point

North Bruny Island – Ford Bay

North Bruny Island – Great Bay (unlocalised)

North Bruny Island – Roberts Point

North Bruny Island – Barnes Bay

North Bruny Island – Killora – Rat Bay

North Bruny Island – Killora Bay

North Bruny Island – Dennes Point

South Bruny Island – Old Jetty Beach

South Bruny Island – Adventure Bay – Grass Point

South Bruny Island – Adventure Bay – Cemetery Bluff

South Bruny Island – Simpsons Bay

Gordon – Three Hut Point

Ninepin Point

Verona Sands

Randalls Bay

Port Cygnet – Cray Point

Port Cygnet – Sandrock Bay

Lymington – Copper Alley Bay

Dover – Roaring Bay Beach

Dover – beach

Port Esperance – Stringers Cove

Southport – Roaring Beach

Planters Beach to Fishers Point

Cockle Creek Bay


Information and disclaimer: The web-pages on this web-site are generated from an underlying database. These can be cited as Grove, S.J. (2015). A Guide to the Seashells and other Marine Molluscs of Tasmania web-site and database respectively. Whilst great care is taken to accurately identify specimens featured on this web-site and to allocate all records to the most appropriate taxonomic names available, no guarantee is offered that all identifications are accurate, nor that the taxa to which they have been allocated are currently valid. Commentaries on habitat, distribution and biology are also subject to change as new information comes to light. If you have any enquiries, or any comments that will help improve the content or appearance of these pages, then please follow the links from 'contact' on the left-hand panel.

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