The map on the right shows the distribution of localities from which species on these pages have been recorded.

This web-site contains over 6000 pages of information on all the marine mollusc species that are currently recognised as occurring in Tasmanian waters by the author of these pages, Simon Grove.

They are automatically compiled from the author's database, which stores tens of thousands of records of molluscs collected from around Tasmania, as well as related taxonomic, habitat and distributional information. The records are chiefly those of the author, but the database is also a repository for records from the Tasmanian Museum , the Queen Victoria Museum, Margaret Richmond and Rob de Little, as well as a range of other sources.

This project grew out of the 2006 publication of A systematic list of the marine molluscs of Tasmania, by Simon Grove, Ron Kershaw, Brian Smith and Elizabeth Turner. Because molluscan taxonomy is in a continual state of flux, and because our understanding of what species occur in Tasmania is advancing all the time, a paper publication on this subject rapidly becomes outdated as new species are discovered, new names and taxonomic relationships are introduced and old ones invalidated. These web-pages are designed to avoid the fate of a paper publication by being amenable to regular updating. Nevertheless, the recommended book to complement this web-site is The seashells of Tasmania: a comprehensive guide. You can download a flyer here with details of where to purchase the book, including online. If you are a bookseller wishing to stock this book, then click here.

The panel at the left of every page gives many options for accessing different parts of the web-site. Many users will be interested in species-level information on Tasmanian molluscs. Some will want to explore what the site has to say about every species, one by one. For this purpose, use the buttons marked with an 'A', that advance taxonomically through the 'all-species set', bearing in mind that most species will not yet be accompanied by images. Those wanting to explore the commoner species likely to be found on Tasmanian beaches may choose to use the 'beachcombers' sub-set' buttons (marked with a 'B') that skip most of the rare or offshore species. These buttons (and others with slightly different functions) appear on every species-level page; those placed on this page will take you to the first such species. Equivalent buttons appear on pages for higher levels in the taxonomic hierarchy and elsewhere, easing navigation through the entire network of pages.

Some species-level pages also have a button (marked with an 'S') that links to a page of supplementary images of that species. All species-level pages have a button (marked with an 'L') that links to a list of locality records for that species. Locality records are in turn hyperlinked to locality pages, each of which presents a map showing where the locality is situated and lists all the species recorded from that locality. The 'L' button on the present page takes you to the first of these locality pages, from where you can advance through all localities in clockwise or anticlockwise order around the coast of Tasmania.

Thanks to a supportive and understanding family for allowing me to indulge my passion for Tasmanian marine molluscs. Particular thanks to Rob de Little for sharing ideas and records, and for contributing many of the best images on these pages. Thanks also to colleagues at TMAG for support and encouragement; to Liz Turner and Craig Reid for previous access to TMAG and QVMAG records respectively; to the late Margaret Richmond for access to her personal records, to Tim Alexander for help in databasing Margaret Richmond's records; to the Tasmanian Marine Naturalists Association for access to their beachwalk records; to Graham Edgar for access to his personal library; to Ruiping Gao and Rob Musk for devising means of automating the updating of distribution maps; and to Paul Lefort for tuition in the use of the Ruby compiler software.


Information and disclaimer: The web-pages on this web-site are generated from an underlying database. These can be cited as Grove, S.J. (2017). A Guide to the Seashells and other Marine Molluscs of Tasmania web-site and database respectively. Whilst great care is taken to accurately identify specimens featured on this web-site and to allocate all records to the most appropriate taxonomic names available, no guarantee is offered that all identifications are accurate, nor that the taxa to which they have been allocated are currently valid. Commentaries on habitat, distribution and biology are also subject to change as new information comes to light. If you have any enquiries, or any comments that will help improve the content or appearance of these pages, then please follow the links from 'contact' on the left-hand panel.